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How to Reset a Water Heater 😱

Disconnect the electricity to the heater. Never tamper with a water heater that's still powered on. Before you begin opening the heater, figure out where it's plugged into the wall and turn off the electricity.

Most heaters are plugged into a wall with a cable. You may have to unscrew the cable or turn a knob near it to shut off the electricity.
If your water heater is wired in directly you'll need to turn it off at the breaker box.
Remove the cover plates. Near the bottom of your water heater, you should find a metal plate that's held in with screws. Use a screwdriver to unscrew each screw and then lift the plate off the heater using your hands. Many water heaters have a second cover plate near the top, underneath this plate is usually where you will find the reset button.

Whether you need a Phillips or flat head screwdriver depends on your plate.
Remove the insulation pad. There will be a foam installation pad just inside the heater. This conceals the buttons you'll need to access to reset the heater. Simply pull the pad out with your hands and set it aside for now.

If there is any moisture on the pad or near the reset button, it is likely that an element gasket is leaking, which will need to be fixed before resetting the water heater.

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