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Why does the toilet keep running?
This is probably the most commonly asked plumbing question. In most cases it is caused by the flapper not closing on or making a proper seal around the flush valve. If the flapper is not closing, then jiggle the handle and that will normally fix the issue. If the flapper is worn out and not properly sealing, then you will have to have the flapper replaced. Either way if the flapper does not seal the water will leak into the toilet and the tank will not fill with water to push the float up and turn off the supply of water. 

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How to Install a Garbage Disposal ?💪

Step 1 Ready for the equipment
1- Find the sort of garbage disposal you need.
2- Collect equipment and other products.
A screwdriver — A disposer wrench — A hacksaw — Water pump pin — Plumber's putty — Electrical cord — Security supplies, including goggles and a dust mask.
3- Turn off the gas.
Step 2 Remove the Old Disposal
1- Detach the hose for the dishwasher.
2- Detach the line of the waste.
3- Disable the disposal.
4- Taking apart the remainder of the assembly.
Step 3 New disposal installation
1- Dispose of the cable.
2- Mount the flange of drain and the circle of mounting.
3- Assemble the disposal.
4- Link the P-trap disposal.
5- Test the arrangement.
How to Install a Garbage Disposal 👋

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